Did you notice the guy in the gorilla suit?


If not, don't worry... not many people notice it the first time, since your concentration is directed on the white players. Don't believe me. Go back and watch the video again.

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(interested in more experiments like this one?)


"In these studies, observers monitored one event while simultaneosly ignoring another similar event. For example, observers monitored one team of players passing a basketball while ignoring another team also passing a ball. Typically in these tasks the displays were physically superimposed so that the players were overlapping and partially transparent. While observers this task (e.g., counting the passes of the attended team), an unexpected event (UE) occurred. For example, a woman carrying an open umbrella might across the court (the UE was also partially transparent). As in Mack & Rock's studies, observers often failed to see the UE. These studies demonstrate that attention is directed to objects and events rather than spatial locations -- the attended event was literally superimposed on the unattended event, yet observers still did not see the UE. " (source)